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StoreWell is a manufacturer ,supplier and exporter of atmosphere controlling and monitoring instruments for cold storage industries. Specialist in material handling and storage solution from year 1999, StoreWell launched controlled atmosphere cold storage equipment in year 2015, the company has proven to be pioneer in India for supplying membrane nitrogen generator, carbon dioxide scrubber, gas monitoring instruments and controller for the same.

StoreWell’s experienced specialists in civil can guide your construction or rebuilding projects from start to finish which leads to an airtight room “an essential component for storage of fruits and vegetable in controlled atmosphere and ultra low oxygen technology”. StoreWell provides airtight coating and door from industries leading suppliers.

We provide tailored made design of cold storage depending on customer requirements and commodities to be stored. This devotion towards customer, help us to understand customer requirement and builds healthy relation with customer all over the world. While designing every equipment intense care is taken to make it most energy efficient.

StoreWell gives you peace of mind for products inside of cold room. And that is exactly what we mean by "preserve it naturally".


Services we provide to our customers.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) cold storage is used to extend the storage life of seasonal perishable produce when refrigeration alone is not sufficient. This technique can be used for almost every fruits and vegetables and historically, has been the principle storage method for apple crop.

To successfully store fruits for long periods the natural ripening of the produce has to be delayed without adversely affecting the eating quality. This is achieved by firstly achieved by reducing temperature of fruits to the lowest level possible without causing damage by freezing and then after controlling gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene.

The precise temperature and level of oxygen and carbon dioxide required to maximize storage life and to minimize storage disorders is extremely variable. They will depend on produce, cultivars, growing condition, maturity and post-harvest treatment.


The quality of potato, and its storage life, is reduced by the loss of moisture, Decay and physiological breakdown. These deteriorations are directly related to Storage temperature, relative humidity, air circulation and gas compostion. In an Attemp to attain the desired storage condition in an enclosure, many systems have Been developed over the yers with intense research work by our design Engineerings.

Good storage should prevent excessive loss of moisture, development of rots, And excessive sprout growth. It should also prevent accumulation of high Concentration sugar in potatos. Temprature, humidity, co2 and air movement are The most important factors  during storage.

Captive solar plant

Storewell designs captive power plant for cold storage and installs the Complete solar power for your cold storage refrigeration system to fit your Cooling needs all powered by solar: from our split system solar power cold Storage unit to “green” pre-engineering cold stores compressor rack systems Solar energy. Storewell have your cold storage solar solution.

Storewell solar plant cuts energy cost of cold storage upto 75% with Combination of solar energy and local availabe energy. We combine old world Quality with new world energy technology to deliver quality products to every Customer. We offer “turn-key” in the solar powered cold storage.

Refrigeration and control design by storewell focus on total performance and Understand the financial investment involved. It is essential that our cold storage clients are completely satisfied with their cold storage facility solar energy Expansion project both operationally and financially. We offer state-of- art Innovative cold stores facility designs, cold storage construction and practical Solar power solution that have a positive, meaningful impact on our clients.

Turnkey Solution

When you need a new cold storage facility, addition, remodel or retrofit, Storewell has the high quality, low-cost solution to meet your needs and budget.

At Storewell, we build more than CA storage facility. As full service design/build contractor, we’re busy in building turn-key solution for any kind of HVAC solution that includes potato & onion cold storage, grocery cold storage and ripping solutions.

We custom tailor our service to meet your specific needs, from site selection and engineering to finished construction and financing. Our exclusive design/build approach eliminated the costly change orders and inefficiencies that plague other contractors, making sure your project completed on time, on budget and to your exact specifications.

Every project is designed around your stated goals and corporate vision. Careful planning, superior implementation and right-size application of resources ensure you get the fastest return-on- investment with minimum impact on your day-to- day operations. Just ask any of our satisfied customers: when you need the job done right the first time, Storewell delivers!

Banana Ripening Solution

We can provide one or two-tier ripening rooms with/without covering canvases. Ripening rooms with covering canvases that run alongside the pallets providing direct airflow, result in a very efficient ripening system. They have a simple construction and low operating and maintenance costs, but they do have some limitations in terms of capacities (one-tier up to 24 pallets, two-tier up to 28 pallets).

Make Profit With Storewell Ripening Rooms

STOREWELL ripening system brings you high-quality ripening, low operating costs, minimum moisture loss during the ripening process as well as easy and transparent management and maintenance. All this depending on criteria such as the quality of the fruits, seasonal influences and freshness of the fruits, shelf life, consumer demands and preferences of the users.

Effective Ripening

STOREWELL ripening rooms provide effective ripening, enabled by precise and uniform implementation of the system for forced air circulation through banana cardboard boxes. The special structure for carrying palettes and the multiple measurements of the fruits and air temperature via the dedicated Central Control System allows you to adjust the duration of the ripening process, depending on the market requirements (e.g. the ripening of bananas can last from 4 to 7 days). The Computer Control System excels in user friendly, on-site usage or it can be used via remote.


Products we are providing to our customers.

CO2 Adsorbers

Nitrogen Generators

Gas Tight Coating

Gas Analyzer

CA Door


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